Boost Your Website with a Personalized Itinerary Planner

You can now upgrade your travel website with our automated itinerary planner, bringing your audience a fully personalized experience and trip schedule, without the planning hassle. This quick and easy-to-use tool is a strong buying trigger for your visitor, combining your product offering with the inspirational content and smart technology that are appreciated by the modern traveler.

The automated tour guide is branded, and has the look and feel of your own website. By blending your bookable content with inspirational content, you will

Challenge: Why Should Your Visitors Book On Your Website?

Travel websites face a typical e-commerce challenge: converting more leads. The goal is to compel visitors to book your product, through your website, before they leave the page. On many websites however, visitors have little incentive to proceed. They compare with providers and products, often leaving the page. They might plan to come back later, but end up booking with your competitor instead.

Is Your Website Compelling Enough to Incentivize Bookings?

There are several methods to make your website and product more attractive. For example, video engages visitors and invites them to stay on the page longer. It has been shown to increase conversion a little. Video is a useful medium to showcase your product but it does not offer urgent and unique reasons to make a booking. We have an intelligent new solution to this problem.

Show Your Product in the Context of a Personalized Trip

Most travel websites sell products (e.g. accommodation) without putting this product in the context of a trip. But now your offering can be integrated in a personalized trip plan that inspires the visitor with attractive points of interests. Your website can interact with your customer throughout the whole trip planning process. It makes suggestions for the trip, in real-time.

Your website can be extended with a white label version of the CityTrip Planner. This will boost your website with inspirational content and intelligent planning features, inviting your visitors to view your product as part of larger, very attractive offer. Travelers are more likely to buy your product when they envision it as part of a nice city trip. Your leads will know that if they buy somewhere else, they will not have an integrated, fully tailored trip itinerary at their disposal. A personalized travel guide adds unique value to your website: it provides a compelling reason to book.

Attract Leads and Increase Loyalty with Personalized Travel Guide

A personalized travel guide can attract new people to your website, and can improve loyalty of existing customers. A part of them them will come back to plan their next trip, and download their trip plan onto their smartphone. This feature is only available through our platform.

Your customized Citytrip Planner will only show content for the cities that match your offer, and inlcude only your bookable products. Your converted bookers will get a branded iPhone- or Android application including their trip plan, providing on-the-spot support.

Upgrading your website with our CityTrip Planner can be implemented swiftly and with only minor inconvenience on your part. The CityTrip Planner system is designed in such a way that only a minimum of effort is required from our clients. Empower your travel-related website with a branded Citytrip Planner, and get the following features:

  • Automatically generate the best schedule and itinerary for you visitor.
  • Your visitor can select interesting things to do, while the planner keeps watch over constraints concerning distance, time, and opening hours.
  • Visitors can alter the trip proposal until satisfied, for maximum flexibility and decision support.
  • They get an optimal travel schedule with a mix of interesting places and your product offering.
  • They can easily book individual items (e.g.: hotel, transportation, or a restaurant).
  • They can export the trip plan to an iPhone or Android device, or print the map.

Claim Your Advantage: Mix Inspirational Content with Bookable Content

Websites that integrate inspirational content take advantage of a recent shift in travel consumer behavior. Other travel-related companies such as airlines, railroads, and hotel chains have discovered that inspirational content improves conversion and generates leads. A private-branded citytripplanner is the next level in this trend.

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