The World’s Most Unsafe Airlines

Most of us will find ourselves on a plane at some point in our travelling lives, but despite aeroplanes being one of the statistically safest ways to travel, the potential for an accident to turn catastrophic means that airline safety is often at the forefront of our minds.  While the safest airlines, like the unrivalled [...]

Travelcards – The Easiest Way To Get Around London

London is one of the world’s truly great cities.  Cosmopolitan, energetic and full of rich history, it’s little wonder that the UK capital consistently ranks at or near the top of the global most-visited cities list.  16.8 million people made a visit to London in 2013, a strong increase even over the at-the-time record numbers [...]

Top Five Exciting New European Hotels In 2014

Whether you’re a first-time traveller leaving your home country for the first time or a seasoned jetsetter with stamps and visas on every page of your passport, one thing is common to the vast majority of trips abroad: the need to find a place to stay.  Unless you have a second home, friends in town [...]

The Future Of Citytripping

The speed at which technology can transform an aspect of our lives is mindboggling, and no more so than when you think back to how you went about something just a few years ago.  City trips in 2014 are a world away from what they were just ten years ago in 2004, with things like [...]

How To Use CityTrip Planner Maps – In Paris!

Maps are at the very heart of what CityTrip Planner is all about: helping people find their way in a new city and have a truly amazing city trip.  We thought it might be helpful for our site’s new and experienced users alike to showcase a few of the various types of map and overlay [...]

Planning a city trip? Calculate your perfect walking tour and personal city guide in minutes (video)

  CityTrip planner calculates your perfect walking tour. Create your own personal city guide within minutes. See everything you want to see and skip what you don’t like: —- Travelling and visiting sights can be tiring. Everyone loves to go on vacation but preparing a trip and travelling itself can be exhausting. Sightseeing, visiting [...]

CityTrip Planner Voted A Success!

We wanted to say a big thank you to all the users who participated in our recent satisfaction survey.  Though we started out with a focus on our backyard in Belgium, we have expanded our site to offer trip planning for almost 100 amazing cities around the world!  It was our international users whose comments [...]

The Travel Hack

With a backstory that will doubtless be familiar to many seasoned travellers, British travel writer and adventure-seeker Monica Stott first picked up the travel bug while backpacking in Southeast Asia and Australia.  After returning, she set up this dedicated blog to report on her ongoing adventures around the world. There are a myriad of independent [...]

The Compass

EF Explore America’s blog, The Compass, is packed with information and offers a great resource to anyone thinking of visiting the USA.  Though the organisation’s primary motivation is to provide educational tours for students and teachers alike, there remains plenty of information for regular travellers, particularly those heading to Washington DC, San Francisco or New [...]

A Taste Of Travel

One of the most rewarding and memorable aspects of travelling abroad is being able to immerse oneself in the cuisine of another country, something which has not escaped the attention of Jenny Freedman.  Her blog, A Taste Of Travel, covers a broad range of travel topics, though as you might expect there is a particular [...]